Workshop on
Frequency Policy
Spectrum Engineering
08 - 09 September 2016
Wroclaw - Poland

The workshop is organized within EMC Europe2016 Wroclaw Conference

Project: Frequency Policy and Spectrum Engineering in V4 countries

The current technology progress has a big influence on society behaviour and experiences, new technology are rapidly growing. Such situation requires adaption of new technology both on transmission and reception sites and new frequency policy paradigm shifts. The aim of the workshop is presenting, discussing and proposing solutions for future broadcasting and mobile networks, audio and video content delivering as well as highlight potential of future spectrum policy and engineering potential. In this context the motto is „Perspectives of Terrestrial Broadcasting and Mobile Networks”. The workshop is organized within project Frequency Policy and Spectrum Engineering in V4 countries supported by Visegrad Fund

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„Trends in Spectrum Sharing for Future Wireless Networks”

Luiz DaSilva
Professor at Trinity College Dublin



This workshop sessions run through 2 days from 08 to 09 September 2016 and will be held within the EMC Europe 2016.
Day 1
08 Wrz 2016
Day 2
09 Wrz 2016

Plenary session

Trends in Spectrum Sharing for Future Wireless Networks
Luiz DaSilva
09:50 - 10:30

Coffee break

UHF spectrum – Mobile and/or Broadcasting?

- UHF spectrum, an essential resource for broadcasting (W. Sami - European Broadcasting Union)
- The Socio-Economic Benefits of the Digital Dividend (D. Gueorguiev - GSMA Mobile for Development Foundation)
- Present and possible future of the PPDR in the UHF band in Hungary (S. Zsitkovszky - Ministry of Interior Hungary)
- Developments in spectrum sharing technology – and applications to rural broadband and IoT (A. Stirling - Larkhill Consultancy)
Sándor Zsitkovszky
Daniel Gueorguiev
Walid Sami
Andrew Stirling


700 MHz spectrum and networks reframing

- Strategy of Terrestrial DTV Evolution in Czech Republic (P. Dvořák - Adviser at Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic)
- Migration to DVB-T2 in Germany and release of the 700 MHz Band (R. Lorenz - Media Broadcast)
- Mobile Broadband in 700 MHz band (H. Uryga - Orange)
Halina Uryga
Pavel Dvořák
Ronald Lorenz
15:30 - 16:00

Coffee break

Software tools for spectrum engineering

- New functionalities introduced in SEAMCAT 5 for sharing and compatibility studies (P. Faris - European Communication Office)
- ITU-BR and ITU-BDT software tools (Istvan Bozsoki - ITU)
- NIT Software Tools for Frequency Planning and Spectrum Management (National Institute of Telecommunications)
Dariusz Wypiór
Dariusz Więcek
Istvan Bozsoki
Peter Faris

General Procedures on Spectrum Management

- Results of WRC15 and ITU-R Study Groups activities for WRC19 (H. Mazar - Expert at ATDI and guest professor at Xihua University)
- Frequency Management in the Environment of the Slovak Republic (M. Mizera - Regulatory authority for Electronic Communications and Postal Services, Slovak Republic)
- Spectrum outlook (P. Vari - National Media and Infocommunications Authority of Hungary)
- Technological and legal aspects of 700 MHz refarming in Poland – state of play after release of 800 MHz - (M. Karolak, W. Pieńkowski - Office of Electronic Communication, Poland)
Wojciech Pieńkowski
Marcin Karolak
Haim Mazar
Péter Vári
Milan Mizera
10:30 - 11:00

Coffee Break

Digital audio broadcasting spectrum and networks

- DAB digital radio – a platform for Europe (G. Dixon - Head of Radio, EBU)
- Digital: serving audiences, serving society (Y. Dore - Communications Director Digital Radio UK)
- Can radio remain analogue in a digital world? (K. Rosłan-Kuhn - Expert in National Broadcasting Council Republic of Poland)
- A Countdown to the World's First FM Switch-off: 4 Months to GoG (G. Garfors - IDAG)
- The Future of Audio Broadcasting in Germany - Digital (R. Lorenz- Media Broadcast)
Ronald Lorenz
Krystyna Roslan-Kuhn
Graham Dixon
Gunnar Garfors
Yvette Dore
12:30 - 14:00


Future technologies on spectrum management

- New frequency bands for 5G/IMT-2020 (H. Uryga - Orange)
- Future spectrum technologies for Mobile Broadband (B. Gołębiowski - Nokia Bell Labs)
- Spectrum sharing in 28GHz band: feasibility of 5G and FSS (Fixed Satellite Service) co-existence (F. Chaves - Nokia Bell Labs)
- White Space Database Connectivity for Mobile Devices: First Experiments (P. Pawełczak - Delft University of Technology)
Bartłomiej Gołębiowski
Halina Uryga
Przemysław Pawełczak
Fabiano de Sousa Chaves


Wroclaw University of Technology
st. Wybrzeze Wyspianskiego 23/25, 50-370 Wroclaw

Building C-13 (Integrated Student's Center)




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