Day 1
08 Wrz 2016
Day 2
09 Wrz 2016

Plenary session

Trends in Spectrum Sharing for Future Wireless Networks
Luiz DaSilva
09:50 - 10:30

Coffee break

UHF spectrum – Mobile and/or Broadcasting?

- UHF spectrum, an essential resource for broadcasting (W. Sami - European Broadcasting Union)
- The Socio-Economic Benefits of the Digital Dividend (D. Gueorguiev - GSMA Mobile for Development Foundation)
- Present and possible future of the PPDR in the UHF band in Hungary (S. Zsitkovszky - Ministry of Interior Hungary)
- Developments in spectrum sharing technology – and applications to rural broadband and IoT (A. Stirling - Larkhill Consultancy)
Sándor Zsitkovszky
Daniel Gueorguiev
Walid Sami
Andrew Stirling


700 MHz spectrum and networks reframing

- Strategy of Terrestrial DTV Evolution in Czech Republic (P. Dvořák - Adviser at Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic)
- Migration to DVB-T2 in Germany and release of the 700 MHz Band (R. Lorenz - Media Broadcast)
- Mobile Broadband in 700 MHz band (H. Uryga - Orange)
Halina Uryga
Pavel Dvořák
Ronald Lorenz
15:30 - 16:00

Coffee break

Software tools for spectrum engineering

- New functionalities introduced in SEAMCAT 5 for sharing and compatibility studies (P. Faris - European Communication Office)
- ITU-BR and ITU-BDT software tools (Istvan Bozsoki - ITU)
- NIT Software Tools for Frequency Planning and Spectrum Management (National Institute of Telecommunications)
Dariusz Wypiór
Dariusz Więcek
Istvan Bozsoki
Peter Faris

General Procedures on Spectrum Management

- Results of WRC15 and ITU-R Study Groups activities for WRC19 (H. Mazar - Expert at ATDI and guest professor at Xihua University)
- Frequency Management in the Environment of the Slovak Republic (M. Mizera - Regulatory authority for Electronic Communications and Postal Services, Slovak Republic)
- Spectrum outlook (P. Vari - National Media and Infocommunications Authority of Hungary)
- Technological and legal aspects of 700 MHz refarming in Poland – state of play after release of 800 MHz - (M. Karolak, W. Pieńkowski - Office of Electronic Communication, Poland)
Wojciech Pieńkowski
Marcin Karolak
Haim Mazar
Péter Vári
Milan Mizera
10:30 - 11:00

Coffee Break

Digital audio broadcasting spectrum and networks

- DAB digital radio – a platform for Europe (G. Dixon - Head of Radio, EBU)
- Digital: serving audiences, serving society (Y. Dore - Communications Director Digital Radio UK)
- Can radio remain analogue in a digital world? (K. Rosłan-Kuhn - Expert in National Broadcasting Council Republic of Poland)
- A Countdown to the World's First FM Switch-off: 4 Months to GoG (G. Garfors - IDAG)
- The Future of Audio Broadcasting in Germany - Digital (R. Lorenz- Media Broadcast)
Ronald Lorenz
Krystyna Roslan-Kuhn
Graham Dixon
Gunnar Garfors
Yvette Dore
12:30 - 14:00


Future technologies on spectrum management

- New frequency bands for 5G/IMT-2020 (H. Uryga - Orange)
- Future spectrum technologies for Mobile Broadband (B. Gołębiowski - Nokia Bell Labs)
- Spectrum sharing in 28GHz band: feasibility of 5G and FSS (Fixed Satellite Service) co-existence (F. Chaves - Nokia Bell Labs)
- White Space Database Connectivity for Mobile Devices: First Experiments (P. Pawełczak - Delft University of Technology)
Bartłomiej Gołębiowski
Halina Uryga
Przemysław Pawełczak
Fabiano de Sousa Chaves